Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

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The scientific research activity of UPIT takes place in accordance with the priority strategies and directions at regional, national and international level, as well as the strategy at the institutional level.

The scientific research activities of the UPIT are carried out within the laboratories / research centers or university creation centers, called research units. The research units are set up at the proposal of the teaching departments or UPIT level, according to the legislation in force.

The scientific and academic research activities is carried out in 17 research centers (centers and laboratories) under the coordination of departments and a Regional Research and Development Center for Innovative Materials, Processes and Products for the Automotive Industry - CRC & D- Auto set up at UPIT level.

The financial resources for carrying out the scientific research activities are provided by:

  • Grants / projects won in competitions specific to national, international and / or 
  • international cooperation research programs;
  • Funds from research programs financed by the European Union;
  • Incomes obtained from the research-development-innovation activity, from the provision of expertise and consultancy services or from the microproduction activity, performed on the basis of contract with partners from institutions or from the socio-economic environment;
  • The special research fund made up of the university’s own revenues, in order to encourage scientific research and to increase the national and international visibility of the institution;
  • Funds attracted from economic agents (sponsorships), granted by foundations or coming from other private sources;
  • Other funds constituted according to the law.
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