Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

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The graphic symbol represents the road, which is the environment where all the knowledge acquired or discovered in the Department of Road Vehicles and Transports is manifested, and the prospects are ... infinite, unlimited. The blue color means professionalism, seriousness and at the same time care or concern for the environment (a similar reference to water as a fundamental element of life); the current ambition of the Department is to continue its preoccupations to achieve excellence in the field of Automotive Engineering, also to rank the Department at national level,  considering it is the main department concerned with the issue of sustainable mobility.


In 1969, the City of Pitești was founding the Institute of Sub-Engineers, initially subordinated to the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute. Why? In response to objective needs, driven by the development of the machine building industry and, above all, that of the road vehicles and automotive parts (DACIA plant).

Initial specializations were: Road vehicles and Cold Processing Technology.


1969 - 1974: Institute of Sub-Engineers,

1972: Establishment of the Automotive Department

1974 - 1977: Faculty of Sub-Engineering,

1977 - 1984: Faculty of Technical Education,

1984 - 1990: Institute of Sub-Engineers,

1990 - 1998: Faculty of Engineering

1998 - present: Faculty of Mechanics and Technology

2011: turning the Automotive Department into the Department of Road Vehicles and Transports


NB: Since the 1977/1978 academic year, when the Road Vehicles section was established, the City of Pitești became the 3rd national university center - after Brașov and Bucharest - in the field of Automotive Engineering.


Gallery of former Heads of Department is presented below:


1969 - 1974 Prof.dr.eng. Gheorghe POȚINCU

1974 - 1975 Conf.dr.eng. Nicolae LINTE

1975 - 1981 Conf.dr.eng. Theodor IONAȘCU

1981 - 1984 Ș.l.eng. Valeria POP

1984 - 1990 Prof.dr.eng. Victor RĂDULESCU

1990 - 1992 Prof.dr.eng. Emilian BACIU

1992 - 2000 Prof.dr.eng. Ion TABACU

2000 - 2004 Prof.dr.eng. Dumitru CRISTEA

2004 - 2008 Prof.dr.eng. Radu RACOTĂ

2008 - 2012 Prof.dr.eng. Alexandru BOROIU

2012 - present Conf.dr.eng. Adrian CLENCI

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