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Presentation of the doctoral program in Computer Science

The mission and objectives of the doctoral program in Computer Science

The doctoral studies in the field of Computer Science were first organized at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Pitești in 2002, with the following doctoral supervisors: professor PhD Luminița State (University of Pitești), professor PhD Horia Georgescu (University of Bucharest) and professor PhD Tudor Bălănescu (University of Pitești). Subsequently, professor PhD Nicolae Țăndăreanu (University of Craiova), professor PhD Florin Gorunescu (University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova) and professor PhD Florentin Ipate (University of Pitești) joined the doctoral school.

The main directions of research as established at that time included:

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,

• Computational models and Computational Linguistics

• Software Engineering.

Theses specific to the three fields mentioned above were elaborated, but later researches that transgressed the boundaries of the fields were undertaken, artificial intelligence models and specific Machine Learning algorithms being implemented using modern programming methodologies and mathematical formalities of specification, verification (model checking) and validation (testing).

Along the way, a research direction regarding the computational models inspired by biology, the so-called P-systems, introduced by academician Gheorghe Păun, gained consistency. The doctoral school in Computer Science of the University of Pitești had a meritorious contribution to the development of this concept, especially to the development of the verification and validation methodologies of these systems.

The mission of the field of doctoral studies in Computer Science is to ensure, coordinate and permanently improve the scientific research activities appropriate to the field of Computer Science of doctoral students, in accordance with the mission of the University presented in the Charter of the University of Pitesti and with the mission of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School.

Current objectives

The current objectives of the Computer Science field are mainly oriented towards:

1. the mathematical  methodologies for specifying the models of program systems and the theoretical  foundation of the techniques for automating the verification of the model properties as well as for validating the implementations of these models, with reference to the usage requirements.

2. distributed systems and those leading to web programming.

3. specification using algebraic or logical (axiomatic) formalisms as well as those formalisms specific to the field of computational linguistics.

4. formalisms based on finite state machines and X-machines and those inspired by the membrane computation model (P-Systems).

5. application of methodologies for verification and validation of robot actions.

PhD supervisors

Prof. univ. dr. Tudor Bălănescu - CV 

Prof. univ. dr. Horia Georgescu - CV 

List of PhD students

Content of the doctoral programmes



Doctoral degree admission programmes September 2021

Standards for the elaboration of the doctoral thesis


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