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The national educational system is available– according to the law – for foreigner citizens, as well. Registration of foreign citizens into the Romanian educational system is made– with reference to the didactical activities – abiding the same rules and regulations which are valid for Romanian citizens - pupils, students or any person registered for postgraduate studies. In this context, both the issues concerning the content (educational plans and programs) as well as the administrative character (transfers, examinations, etc.) are considered.

The course of Romanian language for the preparatory year addresses the foreign citizens (from non - EU or EU member states) who want to study in Romania undergraduate, postgraduate or master degree and Ph.D. courses


Foreign  citizens (from non - EU or EU member states) who wish gain entry onto a Romanian degree program (at bachelor, master, Ph.D)  as well as post-graduate and advanced training programs in various fields have to apply to University  of  Piteşti. The Application file (see below), only in copy, has to be mailed (internationalstudents@upit.ro)  to the University of Piteşti, for pre-enrollment. The University will evaluate the files and send to the Ministry of National Education - General Department for International Relations, a shortlist of persons that are nominated to receive the Letter of Acceptance to Studies. Along with the list, the University must send a copy of the applications for issuing the Letter of Acceptance to Studies that were filled in by the candidates. The General Department for International Relations will issue the Letter of Acceptance to Studies and send it to the University of Pitești.

Previously to arriving to Romania, the prospective students should have their documents sent to the Romanian embassies in their own countries. From the embassies or consulate, they must get a valid visa for studying in Romania.

The  foreign citizens (from non-EU or EU member states) can be registered for studies in University of Piteşti  without entry examination.

Documents required for the Application file:

1. Application form (in 2 original copies) - see the file here;

2. a)Certified copy of the High school graduation diploma or equivalent - for undergraduate studies;

     b)Certified copy of the Bachelor's degree or equivalent - for postgraduate applicants or PhD;

3. Transcript of records translated into Romanian, English or French;

4. Certified copy of the birth certificate;

5. Certified copy of the passport valid at least 6 months after the date when the Letter of Acceptance to studies is issued;

6. Medical certificate (in a widespread international language) to prove that the person to be registered for studies does not suffer from infectious diseases or other illnesses that are incompatible with the future profession;

7. Proof for residency

8. Four passport-type photos.

When registering personally, the candidates will present the documents from the Application file (see above), in original, certified for authentication by the Embassy of Romania to the issuer country or endorsed with Apostille of Hague (for the EU citizens), if the previous studies were not completed in Romania, in a European Union country or in accordance with the legal assistance agreements signed between Romania and non EU countries.


Tuition fees for foreign citizens from non-EU member states (valid for the academic year 2022/2023), payable in advance for 9 months (one academic year):

- 1,980 Euro/ academic year.

Tuition fees for  foreign citizens from EU member states (valid for the academic year 2022/2023), payable in advance for 9 months (one academic year) is similar to the tuition fee for Romanian students:

- 3400 lei / academic year.

Tuition fees and other adminstrative fees will be transferred into the following bank account:







Foreign citizens (from non - EU or EU member states) may also gain access to travelling fellowship or scholarships granted by Romania, unilateral, or within the framework of bilateral agreements, through the agency of the competent authorities of the respective countries, or of the  scholarships and grants offered by other states or by international organizations.


The course aims at:

  • developing international students' skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in Romanian for academic purposes;
  • students to have reached level B2 of the Common European Framework, that will subsequently  allow them to attend academic courses and seminaries;
  • developing communication abilities in a certain domains (discussions, argumentation, negotiation of information)


  • Specialized language: biological and biomedical sciences, includes biochemistry, anatomy and general medicine features.
  • Specialized language: humanities and arts, includes specific structures for the humanities and arts – painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, history.
  • Specialized language: engineering sciences, includes notions and concepts of electronics, electromechanics, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, motor vehicle industry, facilities engineering, telecommunication features, materials engineering.
  • Specialized language: juridical sciences, includes general principles of law, of state institutions, legal systems, the origins of law and legislation, civil law, UE institutions, citizenship, sovereignty.
  • Specialized language: economic sciences contains features referring to the structure and organization of the companies, accounting and finance, marketing, business environment, management, insurance, business ethics.
  • Specialized language: psychology includes features of the methods and research techniques in psichology, concepts of general and applied psychology



Graduation exams in FSESSP, namely for the speciality Romanian Language Preparatory Year shall be organized and carried out  in accordance with the provisions of  the PROCEDURE for the ORGANIZING AND RUNNING COMPLETION OF STUDIES for Romanian Language Preparatory Year.


By the end of the course, students will have reached level B2 of the Common European Framework.

Students who successfully complete the course and pass the final examination will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY IN ROMANIAN LANGUAGE - B2 LEVEL. The programme is approved by the Romanian Ministry of National Education; therefore certificates are valid across the European Union.


The teaching staff  of the Faculty  of  Educational Science, Social Science and Psychology, who is responsible  with the didactic activities for Romanian Language Preparatory Year, besides the course hours per week, also involves international students into  various extracurricular activities  and events: conferences, excursions and documentary visits to other cities and tourist attractions, to ensure that international students’ social, linguistic and cultural integration.



Phone number: + 40 348 453 350

Fax:  + 40 348 453 350


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ForeignStudentsDepartment

Website:  http://www.upit.ro/Fsed

Postal address: str. Targu din Vale, no. 1, Pitești, cod poștal 11040, jud. Argeș, România

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