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Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

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Brief presentation of the Road Vehicle Program


Road Vehicles (RV, RO-AR) logo, is an academic program that offers a Degree in Engineering in the field of Road Vehicle Engineering, specializing in Road Vehicles. This specialization was founded in 1977, when the City of Piteşti became the third national university center - after Braşov and Bucharest - in the field of Road Vehicle Engineering.

Through the training received during academic studies, the Automotive Engineer is able to cover a wide range of activities, starting with designing concepts of cars and their assemblies, continuing with the preparation of automobile manufacturing, their road-testing, to activities related to the design, repair, diagnosis, exploitation, transportation, road traffic, environmental protection, etc.

In this way, the Automotive Engineer can further work both in a Research Institute or in a large car manufacturing company, as well as in a repair and maintenance service, in an Auto Service, in transport and road control units, in the Traffic Police, etc.

Brochure - Road Vehicle

Curricula at Road Vehicle specialization

Guide to drafting a License Dissertation Paper


Brief presentation of the ITT Study Program


Transport and Traffic Engineering (TTE, ROITT) is a novelty in the Educational offer of the Romanian Higher Education. This study program has the mission to train specialists in the field of Road Transport, to gain knowledge in Computer Science and Transport related computer-aided design, environmental engineering (ecology), systematization of transport networks, transport management and marketing.

Due to the existence of a significant number of economic agents with this specific activity and due to large volumes of transport, based on external logistics (different modes of transport) and internal logistics (supply, storage, etc.), the economic environment where the Road Vehicles Engineers will carry out their activity is favorable to this specialization. The large volume of turnover achieved by economic agents in the field of Road Transport determines strong interconnections in the national and international Economy.


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