Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

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Research activity should be a basic preoccupation for each teacher, a primary objective for the long-term development of the Faculty, with results that allow higher university classification and study programs. Therefore, research activities within the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology are supported through the direct involvement of teaching and research staff, Doctoral students, Master students, graduate students of the license cycle, as well as external partners and collaborators.

Accredited study programs at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, corresponding to the economic sectors with smart specialization potential, according to the National Competitiveness Strategy 2014-2020, are:


Fields of Smart Specialization in CDI Strategy 2014-2020 / Automotive Industry and Components:

Energy, Environment and Climate Change:

Road-vehicles-Bachelor’s degree

Transport and Traffic Engineering - Bachelor's degree

Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility – Masters studies, English

Concept and Management of Automotive Design - Master

Transportation and Road Safety - Master

Eco-nanotechnologies and advanced materials:

Machine Building Technology - License

Industrial Economic Engineering - License

Materials Science and Technology – Masters, French

Product Manufacture Engineering and Management - Master

Logistics Management – Master


The scientific research is carried out within the Automotive Engineering Research Center, but also within the Doctoral Schools:



Name of doctoral school

Domains of PhD

(fundamental / domain)

PhD coordinators


Mechanical Engineering

Engineering / Mechanical Engineering

Prof. univ. dr. ing. habil. Nicolae-Doru STĂNESCU-Director

Prof. univ. emerit.dr. ing. Nicolae PANDREA

Prof. univ. emerit.dr. ing. Nicolae POPA


Vehicle Engineering

Engineering Sciences / Motor Vehicle Engineering

Prof. univ. dr. Dinel POPA-Director

Prof. univ. emerit. dr. ing. Dumitru CRISTEA

Prof. univ. emerit.dr. ing. Ion TABACU

Prof. univ. Viorel NICOLAE, Ph.D.

Prof. univ. dr. ing. habil. Ştefan TABACU



Engineering Sciences / Materials Engineering

Prof. univ.dr. Marioara ABRUDEANU, PhD

Engineering / Industrial Engineering

Prof. univ. emerit. Dr. Ion UNGUREANU

Prof. univ. dr. ing. habil. Eduard Laurenţiu NIŢU



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