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Universitatea Națională
de Știință și Tehnologie

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The University of Piteşti Publishing House is established within the University of Piteşti with the approval of the Ministry of Culture 4368 / 27.05.1997. The University Publishing House of Pitesti is organized in such a way as to ensure maximum efficiency in the production and delivery process of the finished product.

The subject of publishing activity is the editing of cultural - scientific, didactic, cost - effective and profitable works in all fields, in the interest of the educational process. Publishing, copying, printing activities must provide the necessary resources to finance production, wage, material and overhead costs, and other costly burdens for the operation of this department. These activities are also intended to produce the minimum necessary profit to justify the prospective operation of the EUP.

The main purposes of the publishing house are:

• supporting, through the edited works, the educational process and scientific research;

• disseminating the results of personal and collective research of teaching and scientific research.


The University Publishing House of Piteşti aims at the following objectives:

• Redefining the organizational framework by reviewing the EUP's Staff Regulations and the EUP Organigram (main tasks of the internal organizational structure), elaborating: job descriptions, working procedures, updating of the working instructions.

• Developing the material base by acquiring the necessary equipment to improve the quality of the products specific to our activity.

• Control the production process to optimize it.

• Diversification of production by producing promotional materials for UPIT. The material base is relatively new and properly used and produces high quality results. It consists of the following equipment:

• Nuvera 100 EA - black and white XEROX • DocuColor 252 with Fiery server - XEROX digital color production equipment

• Thermocouple machine • Automatic wire stapler

Cost policy

The current costs involved in the aforementioned activities result from the addition of the following elements:

 Production costs composed of:

• Costs of raw materials (paper, toner, thermocouple, staples);

• Work (Conventional hours x) (one hour value);

• Costs of directing;

• Contributions to CAS and Unemployment Benefits.

• Administration costs (accounting, supply, etc.)

Costs of rental of premises given by UP-RO to EUP



Due to the existence of a relatively stable market, namely that of the faculties and departments of the University of Pitesti, with their specific needs, editing and multiplication, the marketing activity is reduced at this moment to a succession of direct activities, namely:

• Receiving individual orders or departments;

• Drafting of estimates and performing technological operations;

• Direct delivery of products

The fact that, at least in recent times, the volume of works has exceeded expectations, will determine an aggressive marketing policy, which will seek to satisfy not only the immediate requirements of traditional clients but also the orders received from outside.



Adresa: Târgul din Vale nr.1, Pitești, Argeș, România - 110040

Telefon: +40.348.453.106 / +40.745.696.684

e-mail: sorin.fianu@upit.ro

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