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  Volume XIII - Issue No. 2 / 2016 - Open call for papers Send your papers to emisoare  
  Volume XIII - Issue No. 1 / 2016 - Open call for papers    
  Volume XII - Issue No. 2 / 2015             
  Cuprins SBESS Journal 2-2015
    Articole SBESS Journal 2-2015:  

Biljana Ivanovska, Marija Kusevska, Nina Daskalovska, Liljana Mitkovska. Personal pronouns and their phenomena in establishing relations in a pragmalinguistic context
Corina Zagaevsky. The integrative character of education for emotional development in the system of the requirements of contemporary world 
Vali Ilie. Encouraging teamwork amongst students
Gabriela Cristea. The contemporary theories of learning. A pedagogic perspective

Ionuț Bulgaru. Differentiated teaching in  primary school 

  Volume XII - Issue No. 1 / 2015
Cuprins SBESS Journal 1-2015  
    Articole SBESS Journal 1-2015:  
    Ecaterina Țârnă. The methodology of pedagogical students socio-professional adjustment
Gabriel Albu.The individual, measure of its self-education
Gabriela Cristea. Instruction as pedagogic activity based on “Wide understanding of learning” 
Ionut Vladescu. Permanent education – priority of educational policies for adults 
Mahmood Yenkimaleki. Pedagogy of interpreting reviewed: Some prominent issues
Sorin Cristea. The specific of the pedagogic activities
  Volume XI - Issue No. 2 / 2014 
Cuprins SBESS Journal 2-2014
Articole SBESS Journal 2-2014:  

Emanuel SOARE. Approaching competence as a situational construct and its impact on learning 
Loredana BLOJU. Teaching and reinforcing vocabulary items through word games 
Sorin CRISTEA. Pedagogic research or research in education?... 
Neculae DINUȚĂ. The Use of the Figurative Model in Solving Arithmetical Problems in Primary School 
Sara ZAMIR, Shlomit GILOR, Rachel Sarah OUAKNINE. Standpoints towards Curriculum Change
Lorena PECULEA. A multidimensional approach of learning to learn competency 
Ionut VLĂDESCU. Romania and the European dimension of education and teaching  
Gabriela C. CRISTEA. History of pedagogy in postmodern society 


Volume XI - Issue No. 1 / 2014          

  Cuprins SBESS Journal 1-2014
    Articole SBESS Journal 1-2014:  
    Sorin CRISTEA. Epistemological basics of pedagogy
Roxana ENACHE, Alina CRIȘAN. Implications and capitalization of educational marketing activities 
Ileana GURLUI. The role and position of school in the actual educational system
Biljana IVANOVSKA. The verbs with the semantic feature “emotionality” in the contemporary German and Macedonian language
Gabriela C. CRISTEA. Historical dimensions of the pedagogic thought
Ramona NEACSA LUPU. Towards a methodology of historical research
Sarah ZAMIR. The Importance of Transparent School Procedures and Norms for the Novice Teachers and their future Career in Instruction


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