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de Știință și Tehnologie

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Faculty of Education Sciences (FEdS) aspires to become a point of reference at national level for university programs of the kind in Romania and to place itself among the first positions in the ranking of the study programs.
Its mission is as follows: Initial and continuous training of the teaching staff for Primary and Pre-School Education and of specialists in Managerial Assistance and Secretariat, in order to ensure the best insertion of the graduates into the labor market as well as to meet the specific competencies needs of the socio-economic environment in the specialties concerned; Scientific research in relation to the study programs that are being developed; exploiting, disseminating and implementing the results of these researches in the socio-economic field concerned; Contribution to the development of professional practices in the areas targeted at local, regional and national level through specific projects and programs, in line with the needs of society; Increasing national and international prestige of the Faculty by providing quality Education services.
FEdS has developed a research strategy in line with the latest European policy directions and with the latest European Commission regulations on Research and Innovation for Smart Specialization, a prerequisite (ex ante conditionality) to ensure investment to meet the European Commission’s key economic and social policy.
The research strategy aims at an "entrepreneurial discovery" of the most promising areas of specialization within the FEdS, from the local, regional, national and international community, as well as of the disadvantages that hinder innovation in those areas.

Significant results
In accordance with its specific mission, the FEdS is involved in a series of R&D activities grouped under the following broad guidelines:
Research, development, continuous training projects
The FEdS teachers are involved in carrying out research and development projects, including:
1. A Regional Approach to Innovation for VET and Learning Communities-RAINOVA, Leonardo da Vinci Project, 517752-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-LEONARDO-LNW
2. Alphabets of Europe Alpha, Grundtvig project, EU531092-LLP-2012-CY-KA2-KA2MP
3. Quality in Education - Caled 1, Phare project, Perseus code RO2005 / 017-553., for the continuous training of teachers from High Schools in rural areas (Argeş, Teleorman, Olt, Vâlcea),
4. Quality, innovation, communication in the system of in-service didactic staff in higher education, POSDRU 87 / 1.3 / S 63709, regarding the training of 1500 university teachers in the field of 25 academic didactic disciplines,
5. CAMED (Quality in Educational Mentoring), Project financed by C.N.C.S.I.S., 2007, 3, 1157
6. Development of the European Language Portfolio for the Deaf, 143512-LLP-1-2008-1-BG-KA2-KA2MP,
7. Development of Innovative Methods of Training the Trainers [ARTiT], Grundtvig: 2010-41 421001 -001, 509927-LLP -1 -2010- 1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP,
8. Development of Systems for Vocational Teacher Qualification Improvement [PROPETO], Leonardo da Vinci - pilot project, LT / 06 / B / F / PP-17/009,
9. DIVIS - Digital video streaming and multilingualism, 141759-LLP-1-2008-DE-COMENIUS-CMP,
10. European Language Teachers Assessment and Certification Scheme ELTACS, LLP-CZ-2009-KA4-KAMP
11. Producing Open Online Learning Systems for Centers of Excellence, LLP-LdV-TOI-2010-EN-012 / 2010-1-RO1-LEO05-07447
12. Totta vita schola est, POSDRU project: POSDRU / 19 / 1.3 / G / 40784, on the continuous training of teachers in Primary and Pre-School Education.

Continuous training programs accredited by the Ministry of National Education
1. Know yourself! Continuous training program in the psycho-educational field
2. Inclusive school - a school for all
3. Managing the development of communication and socio-emotional skills
4. Quality and professionalism in Education - training program for methodologists
5. Training of Primary and Pre-School teachers in  digital competences;
6. Summer School - Becoming a teacher; continuous training program for beginners in the Teaching career
7. Training programs for pre-University Education Teachers to obtain teaching degrees.
Creating SCIENTIFIC journals
Several members of the Faculty of Educational Sciences are editors of scientific journals with national and international distribution, such as:
Scientific Bulletin Education Sciences Series, University of Piteşti Publishing House;
Scientific Bulletin - Primary and Pre-School Education Series, University of Piteşti Publishing House; Primary education, Miniped Publishing House, Bucharest, Methodical Laboratory, Miniped Publishing House, Bucharest.

Books and articles
FEdS carries out a series of research and teaching activities whose products are reflected in the publication of scientific papers. A series of books are published at CNCS-recognized national publishing houses and at international publishing houses; scientific articles are published in national and international journals recognized by the academic community in the field of Education Sciences. Members of the Faculty regularly participate in national and international conferences organized in Romania and abroad, where they present the scientific studies of the FEdS field of activity.
National and international scientific conferences
FEdS organizes a series of national and international scientific events, recognized by the academic community, sponsored by some of the most important international professional societies such as the European Network on Teacher Education Policies (ENTEP); European Society for Research on Education of Adults (ESREA); European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET); Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education (BASOPED).

Also, since 2004, every two years, FEdS organizes the most important scientific conference in the field of Educational Sciences - Edu-World International Education Conference "Education facing contemporary world issues".

Among the most important scientific events organized by the FEdS we mention:
1. International Conference Edu-World "Education Facing Contemporary World Issues" Organized by the University of Bucharest and the University of Piteşti, under the patronage of the European Network on Teacher Education Policies; European Society for Research on Education of Adults; European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training; Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education, Location: University of Piteşti (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014).
2. National Didactic Conference "University Reform for the Training of  Future Teachers", organized by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and the University of Piteşti, 27-29 July 2011.

Sessions of student scientific communications
FEdS annually organizes three Scientific Sessions for Students: Annual Session of Scientific Communications for Students "Education Sciences in European Context", 2008-2012; Annual Session of Scientific Communications for Students "Ability, Strategy, Responsibility and Image in Managerial Assistance", 1st Edition, May 18, 2012; Scientific Session of Master Students, 1st Edition, 18 May 2012.
International institutional partnerships
FEdS implements a series of Bilateral Agreements for Mobility for Teachers and students with several Universities abroad such as the University of Macedonia. Economics and Social Sciences, Greece, Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha, Spain, University of Picardie Jules Verne, France, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, HAMK University of Applied Sciences, ZIRVE University, Finland.
National institutional partnerships
FEdS has a series of Cooperation Agreements and Strategic Partnerships with several public, private institutions, NGOs such as Association of Teleorman Teachers, Argeş Businessmen Association (AOA), Argeş County Library, Argeş County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, Argeş County Council, Argeş County School Inspectorate, Francisc Rainer Anthropology Institute of Romanian Academy, Piteşti City Hall, Save the Children - Argeş Branch, General Direction for Child Protection Argeş.
Products and services resulting from the research activity, transferred to the beneficiaries
FEdS has developed a range of products and services relevant to the field of Education Sciences and is involved in many of the projects ran by the Ministry of National Education. Among the products and services provided by relevant activities in thefield of innovation and research and development, we identify:
1. Didactic Activity standards for the Pre-School and Primary teachers with didactic degree I, didactic degree II and continuous training once in every 5 years, beneficiary Ministry of National Education, (Ezekil Liliana, Neacşu Mihaela, Langa Claudiu, Soare Emanuel Web: http://www.formare3777.eu/standarde_profesionale.html
2. Methodology on Critical and Creative Learning through Aesthetic Experience, beneficiary - Hellenic Adult Education Association, Greece, (Ezekil Liliana, Neacşu Mihaela, Langa Claudiu, Soare Emanuel, Petruţa Gabriela) Web: http://www.artit.eu/en /
3. Module "Coaching methods used during the pedagogical practice" Beneficiary Ministry of National Education, (Ezekil Liliana , Soare Emanuel, Langa Claudiu, Neacşu Mihaela) Web: https://sites.google.com/site/posdrudidactica/home
4. Contributions to the elaboration of the Reference Framework (CR) of the National Curriculum in pre-university education, revised, completed and adapted to the current education system, Beneficiary: National Evaluation and Examination Center, 2010 -2011 (Ezekil Liliana).
Offer for the socio-economic environment
          Education / Training
• Continuous training of teaching staff for all levels of education: Pre-School, Primary, Gymnasium, High-School;
• Adult Education: training for trainers, mentors, tutors;
• Project Management, Human Resource Management, Educational Marketing;
• School and professional counseling and guidance, psycho-pedagogical and social assistance, cognitive, emotional and social skills in early ages, learning disabilities in early ages;
• Design and implementation of the Curriculum at all levels of the Education system, program evaluation;
• Administration, archiving and documentary work;
• Rights of children and young people;
• Didactics of teaching Romanian language and literature and foreign languages;
• Continuous training and professional reconversion in the field of translation.
          Consulting and applied research
A. Advice:
• Psychological: knowing and counseling the child, adolescent, young person; family counseling; counseling teaching staff, counseling teaching staff with leadership positions on institutional management, counseling on Teacher career, counseling parents on Child Development;
• Pedagogy and methodology: promoting effective teaching-learning-evaluation methodologies; promoting effective communication strategies; promoting effective strategies in the field of adult education; evaluation of the professional performance of the teaching staff and the management staff in the educational environment;
• Organizational and institutional development: Organizational diagnosis specific to the educational environment; Developing organizational culture at the level of teaching and management staff; Developing the creative potential of teachers;
• Coaching;
• Management of Social and Health services;
• Civic participation, media consumption, equal opportunities;
• Authorized French-English translations;
• Elaborating manuals /auxiliary materials ​​for teaching foreign languages;
• Elaborating alphabets, games and online activities in various European languages;
Modules to train educators and parents, to support foreign language teaching in Pre-School Education;
• Methods of teaching the Romanian language for foreign students.
B. Applied Research, Fields:
• Professionalization for the Teaching career,
• Professional insertion of graduates,
• Educational mentoring, tutoring, educational management,
• Early Education,
• Communication, experiential learning.

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