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Buletin Științific - Seria Matematică-Informatică - Nr. 14/2008


 Gheorghe BARBU, Logica BANICA: A method for identification and filtering content block from Web-pages


 Costel BALCAU: Weighted Entropic Perturbation for Quadratic Programming


 Dana BEREANU: A Kato perturbation-type results for linear relations in Banach spaces


 Marina-Anca CIDOTA: The stability and the convergence of the learning algorithm RTRL for the NARMA recurrent perceptron


 Laurentiu DEACONU: Specific protocols for digital information transfer between mobile systems


 Mihaela DEACONU, Laurentiu DEACONU: Technical aspects of digitizing documents


 Ionut DINCA: Computing Numerical Functions by Symport/Antiport P-Systems


 Cristian DINU: The Length of a Regular Curve's Arc Parametrized over a Time Scale


 Mihaela DUMITRACHE: The Green's function for the wave equation


 Constantin GEORGESCU: Sets of Bifurcation and Titeica Surfaces


 Monica KERE: A Petri Nets Application


 Maria MIROIU: On Tree Search Algorithms


 Consuela NECSULESCU, Viorel PAUN, Luminita SERBANESCU: Algorithms to Calculate the System Reliability


 Antonio NUICA: Considerations on the Canonical Realization of a Feller Semigroup


 Gabriel PAPADOPOL, Doru NITU, Dan GEORGESCU, Laurentiu DEACONU: Information Technology for Nuclear Materials'Administration Subjected to Guaranties (II)


 Iuliana PARASCHIV-MUNTEANU: Theoretical approach in performance evaluation of a classification system


 Viorel PAUN, Consuela NECSULESCU: The Distribution Laws for the Auto Equipment


 Nicolaie POPESCU-BODORIN: Fast K-Means Image Quantization Algorithm and Its Application to Iris Segmentation


 Claudiu Ionut POPÎRLAN: A Distributed Knowledge-based Processing using Mobile Agents


 Georgiana POPOVICI: On the Behavior of the AR Processes with Exponential Distribution Near the Stationarity Border: A Simulation Study


 Paul RADOVICI-MARCULESCU: Didactic and Scientific Work of the Academician Nicolae Teodorescu


 Corina SARARU: Morphological Classification of Galaxies


 Luminita STATE, Iuliana PARASCHIV-MUNTEANU, Nicolaie POPESCU-BODORIN: Blood corpuscles classification schemes for automated diagnosis of hepatitis


 Cristina TUDOSE: Computation Tree Logic and NuSMV Model Checker


 Raluca VERNIC: Tail Conditional Expectation for the bivariate Pareto distribution of first kind

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