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University of Pitesti


ADMISSION Foreign citizens from third countries to the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation


Foreign citizens who want to attend the Preparatory program of romanian language for foreign citizens, pre-university or university studies (Bachelor/Master/Doctorate/Department of Teachers’ Training) at the University of Pitesti can submit the application documents personally or by post office:

  • At the University of Pitesti

          Address: Targu din Vale No. 1 Str., Pitesti, Arges, 110040, Romania


  • Foreign citizens from EU third countries are admitted to studies based on their application file or the admission criteria of the faculty/ study program they have opted for and in accordance with Admission Regulation for foreign citizens.
  • The University will evaluate the application documents and send to the Ministry of Education and Research, to the Department of International Relations and European Affairs, the list with the nominees to receive the Letter of Acceptance and copies of the candidates’ documents.
  • The Department of International Relations and European Affairs will issue the Letter of Acceptance to studies which will be sent to the University of Pitesti headquarters, the International Students’ Office.
  • The International Student Officer will inform each candidate of the admission process and will send the Letters of Acceptance by email to each applicant.
  • The candidate declared admitted, and after receiving the Letter of Acceptance for Studies and the Certificate of Accommodation mentioning the registration deadline, must contact the nearest Romanian authority and apply for the study visa. We mention that the University of Pitesti is not in a position to intervene in the process of obtaining the study visa. If the embassy/ authority requests some documents issued by the university, the candidate must specifically request those documents from the University of Pitesti.
  • Foreign citizens from EU third countries can be enrolled at the University of Pitesti without admission exam. Admission to the University of Pitesti is based on the selection of the admission files.
  • At the time of registration, the admitted applicants must submit the Letter of Acceptance for studies in Romania in original, all the documents required in the application file in original, endorsed for authentication by the Romanian Embassy in the country of origin or bearing the Hague Apostille, (List of countries for which the authentication of study documents is requested). Admitted applicants are obliged to enter the country with a study visa.


The application file shall contain the following documents:

  1. Application for the issuance of LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE to studies, completed at all lines, in two copies, with enclosed photo (ANNEX no. 2);
  2. Study document - copy and legalised translation - allowing access of the person concerned to the respective form of education (high school/master diploma or equivalent) – documents shall be authenticated by the line authorities in the issuing country; copy and legalised translation of the certificate for the promotion of the high school/master graduation exam for graduates of current year;
  3. School transcripts – copies and legalised translations - afferent to the studies graduated and curriculum;
  4. Certificate regarding the graduation of the Preparatory program of romanian language for foreign citizens or the linguistic certificate, as applicable;
  5. Birth certificate – copy and legalised translation;
  6. Passport copy;
  7. Medical certificate (in an international language) certifying that the person wishing to apply for studies has no contagious diseases nor other deficiencies incompatible with the future profession;
  8. 2 photos ¾.



The tuition fee for foreign citizens from EU third countries who want enroll to bachelor/ master/ doctoral study programs is set according to the Order of the Ministry of Education no. 22, August 29, 2009. (Tuition fees/Study programs)


Study field

Master/Residency (Euro/month)

Post-graduate, Ph.D,

Doctorate (Euro/month)

Technics, Agronomy, 
Science, Mathematics and Sports






Social studies, Psychology, Economy






Music and arts



Musical interpretation, Theatre







The tuition fee can be paid in EURO via bank transfer in the account below:

BANK: BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMÂNĂ - BCR, Bd. Republicii Nr. 83, Pitesti, Arges


IBAN Code: RO77RNCB0022013617440040

BENEFICIARY: UNIVERSITY OF PITESTI, Targu din Vale No. 1 Str., Pitesti, Arges

BIC Code: 4122183


IMPORTANT: The beneficiary’s IBAN number along with owner’s and representative person’s name (if applicable) must be referred to on the proof of payment!


A. Supporting documents required in order to lodge a study residence permit

1. Certificate (Annex) filled according to personal data, and Model for faculties;

2. Medical analyzes: 190 LEI (in case of infectious diseases positive medical result, expulsion in the country of origin is compulsory and decided by the General Inspectorate for Immigration);

3. Residence permit fee: 260 LEI;

4. Consular fee: 120 EUROS (paid in LEI at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment);

5. Bank account statement from any bank in Romania (proof of means of support at the level of the minimum guaranteed gross salary, for the entire period specified in the visa: 2800 EURO);

6. Private Medical Health Insurance in Romania (for 26-year-olds): almost 90 LEI /year+208 LEI / month

 1 euro=4.76 LEI

Fees have been set for the year of 2018 and may be changed according to the minimum guaranteed gross salary in Romania at the beginning of each year.


B: Enrollment after October 16 is possible only if the academic year term-times vary in accordance with the Enrollment Agreement.




Order of the Ministry of National Education No. 3873/05.05.2017 to amend and supplement the Order of the Minister of Education No. 6156/22.12.2016 regarding the admission and the organization of the Preparatory program of Romanian language for foreign citizens

Methodology to admit and educate foreign citizens from EU third countries in the public and private education institutions certified in Romania for the academic year 2017/2018 with the amendments specified by the Order of the Minister of Education No. 3473/ 17.03.2017

Order of the Ministry of National Education No. 22/ 29.08.2009 regarding the setting of the minimum amount of the tuition fees, in foreign currency, of the self-funding students.


International Students Office

Officer - Ms. Ana Cristina Lemnaru

Phone: +4.0348.453.334


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