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Application Dossier


  • Any original document issued in a language other than Romanian, French or English must be translated into one of these 3 languages and legalised. The original certified translation will be included in the application file.
  • For any original document issued in Romanian, English or French, a certified copy must be submitted.




Name of Document   Legal Requirements

  Birth Certificate

Translated and certified copy (in Romanian, English or French)

  Identity Card

Translated and certified copy (in Romanian, English or French)


Copies of pages 1, 2, 3
Note: The passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the 1st of October

Proof of Name Change (if applicable)

Translated and certified copy (in Romanian, English or French)

Affidavit undertaking the Romanian cultural identity

The declaration may be certified by one of the following institutions:

a) The diplomatic mission of Romania in the State of origin
b) The Department for Romanians Everywhere (download
Annex 3 here)

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Romanians Everywhere holding Romanian citizenship and residing abroad need not complete Annex 3

  Medical Certificate attesting that the Applicant does not suffer from:

  • contagious diseases
  • other illnesses incompatible with the future profession

Note: Ph.D. Applicants need NOT provide this document

Issued in Romanian/English/French

Citizens of the Transistrian Region need NOT present this certificate




Name of Document   Legal Requirements

  Application Form (for Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Serbia)

Annex 2 to be completed (download here Annex 2)

  Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent  (Certificate*)

The Diploma must certify that you have passed the relevant National School Leaving Examinations (see Annex 6)

The Diploma must be accompanied by the associated grades and the relevant Academic Records

Certified copy or certified copy and translation into Romanian/English/French*

  Applicants to Master's Degrees must also include:

  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma or equivalent (Certificate*)

  Applicants to Ph.D. Degrees must also include:

  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma or equivalent (Certificate*)
  • Master's Degree Diploma or Further/Postgraduate Studies Diploma

The diploma(s) must also be accompanied by:

  • the Bachelor's Degree (and Master's Degree, if applicable) grades
  • All corresponding Academic Records

Certified copies or certified copies and translations in Romanian/English/French*

  Academic Records of all Studies/Degrees (or Certificate*)

The Academic Records must show the averages/GPAs for the years of study

Certified copies or certified copies and translations in Romanian/English/French*

    Proof of studying Romanian

Minimum level – B1 (Common European Framework of Reference) for all 4 skills:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking

This document can be issued by:

a) An accredited educational institution in the country
b) the Diplomatic missions of Romania in the countries

→ For Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, certificate of Romanian language issued by an accredited educational institution in these countries or by the diplomatic missions of Romania in these countries is required for candidates who did not attend high school in Romania.

  For Candidates applying to Theology Degrees:

  • The recommendation of the Religious Hierarchs or the Consent of local Religious Leaders

Certified copy or certified copy and translation in Romanian/English/French*

  Consent Declaration Form and Information Notice regarding the processing of personal data (GDPR)

See Annex 5

  Affidavit certifying whether the Applicant has or has not benefited from a State-funded subsidy for another Bachelor's/Master's/Ph.D. Degree in Romania, whether orgoing or completed

The original Certificate will be submitted (issued by the respective Institution)

  For Applicants at Bachelor's/Master's Degrees: 

  • Personal Statement testing your knowledge and cognitive skills

  For Applicants at Ph.D. Degrees:

  • Curriculum Vitæ
  • List of Published Papers

The Essay will be written according to the specific requirements of the faculty to which the candidate is applying

NOTE: For Ph.D. Degrees – Applicants MUST sign their Curriculum Vitæ and their List of Published Papers !

  Faculty-Specific and Degree-Specific Documents

Please consult the website of the Faculty of choice and/or the "Romanians Everywhere" Programme Coordinator at:

  * NOTE: Certificates are only accepted for current year's graduates who do not yet hold their Degrees Diplomas.

  These must:

  • be signed and/or stamped
  • be issued by the Institution where the Examination/Degree was held
  • certify that the Candidate has passed the Exam
  • mention the grades that would be written on the Diploma


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