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According to the Law No. 299/2007 regarding the support offered to Romanians from abroad, republished with the subsequent alterations and addenda, the Romanians from abroad are:

a) The persons who freely assume the Romanian cultural identity, the persons of Romanian descent along with the persons who belong to the Romanian linguistic and cultural vein, who live outside the Romanian borders, regardless of their ethnonim (armâni, armânji, aromâni, basarabeni, bucovineni, cuţovlahi, daco-români, fărşeroţi, herţeni, istroromâni, latini dunăreni, macedoromâni, macedo-români, maramureşeni, megleniţi, megleno-români, moldoveni, moldovlahi, rrămâni, rumâni, valahi, vlahi, vlasi, volohi, macedo-armânji), as well as all the other lexical forms semantically related to the afore-mentioned ones;

b) The Romanians who emigrated, regardless of their keeping or not keeping of the Romanian citizenship, their descendants, along with the Romanian citizens who have permanent domicile or residency abroad.


The Romanians Everywhere may continue their studies in the Romanian state-funded institutions of higher education on academic places as following:

a) Academic places with no tuition fee and a scholarship. The studies shall be carried out exclusively in Romanian language.

b) Academic places with no tuition fee and without a scholarship. The studies shall be carried out exclusively in Romanian language.

The admission of Romanians Everywhere who do not have the knowledge of the Romanian language at the minimum B1 is done as follows: submit the file to the educational institution for bachelor / master / doctoral studies, the university performs the selection and if they are admitted must confirm the place of study. With the Approval of the Ministry of Education the candidates will be enrolled, in the academic year 2019-2020, at studies of Preparatory programme of romanian language for foreign citizens at one of the higher education institutions organizing the preparatory year, following the studies in the study cycle where it was admitted, starting with the academic year 2020-2021.


To study in a foreign language, candidates have to pay the tuition fee, under the same financial circumstances as Romanian citizens. Enrollment in public and private higher education accredited in Romania, in a fee in lei, is based on the provisions of Order MEN. No. 4294 / 29.06.2017.


For admission in the academic year 2019-2020 it is applied the Methodology for admission of the Romanians everywhere in public higher education in Romania, places of study without tuition fees but scholarship or no tuition fees, but no scholarship (2017-2018), Annex no. 2 at Order no. 3900/16.05.2017.


Candidates can apply at the University of Pitesti, directly to the faculties for which they want to enroll.

Admission Calendar at University of Pitesti:


Submit the application files for the Bachelor’s Degree Programmes/Preparatory programme of romanian language for foreign citizens

a) the application form (Application Form of the Faculty) for Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Diaspora- according to the format developed by each higher education institution or Annex 2 (download here Annex 2) for Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Serbia;

b) Copy of the birth certificate;

c) Copy of the passport, valid at least 6 months from the start of the study programme chosen by the candidate – copy of the first 3 pages;

d)Copy of the Identity card - translated into Romanian, English or French, as the case may be;

e) Copy of the Marriage Certificate, wherever the case;

f) Affidavit, based on the free will of the petitioner, with regard to their assumption of the Romanian cultural identity, authenticated either by the diplomatic mission of Romania in the state of origin or by the Ministry for Romanians from Abroad, in keeping with the legislation in force, according to (download here Annex no. 3). Citizens of the Republic of Moldova do not complete Annex 3;

g) Copy of the graduation diploma of the education level that allows the access to Bachelor studies, according to (download here Annex 5) of the Methodology-Translation into Romanian, English or French where the case;

h) For Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, it is required a proof of study of the Romanian language issued by an accredited educational institution in these countries or to the diplomatic missions of Romania in these countries for candidates who did not attend the high school in Romania;

i) Copies of the school/academic transcripts of the education level attained Translation into Romanian, English or French where the case;

j) Copy of Recommendation or the approval of the local religious leaders, for the candidates to the admission to theological higher education, where the case.

k) Other documents requested by the state-funded higher education institutions, according to their own methodology of admission for the requested level of study, where the case.


Submit the application files for the Master’s Degree Programmes and PhD studies

The candidates have to submit the documents mentioned in the admission methodology, which is issued by each higher education institution/faculty and will be transmitted according to the procedures established by them, on the places allocated to Romanians everywhere.











There are no fees for registration/enrolling in higher education for Romanian candidates everywhere.


The faculties will publish on the website ADMISSION the lists of candidates declared admitted.

Each admitted candidate shall confirm only one place of study, by submitting the study documents in original, the application form according to the Methodology (download here Annex no 4), to the higher education institution.

For further details and clarifications on procedures for admission of the Romanians everywhere in public education in Romania, the Ministry of Education makes available to interested addresses: (for young people in Moldova) and (for diaspora in neighbouring countries and diaspora).


Foreign citizens with Romanian origins must enter in Romania with a STUDY VISA and have the obligation to submit their files to the Immigration Service in order to obtain the right to stay legally in Romania for study purposes (RESIDENCE PERMIT). The student is enrolled at the faculty by submitting the original documents in their enrollment file and the Tuition Letter. 



Order no. 4107/06.07.2018 ,regarding the exemption from tax payment for enrollment, file processing, registering, skills testing, linguistic support, doctoral admission contest and specific aptitude tests in the case of candidates for the scholarships offered by the Romanian state

Order no. 4858/05.09.2017, regarding the approval of the conditions for promotion and internal academic mobility of the Romanian state scholars enrolled in studies in the Romanian higher education institutions

Order no. 4294/29.06.2017, regarding the approval of the admission procedure for Romanians everywhere in the pre-university and higher education of state and private accredited in Romania, on tuition fees in LEI starting with the academic year 2017-2018

Methodology for admission of the Romanians everywhere in public higher education in Romania, places of study without tuition fees but scholarship or no tuition fees, but no scholarship 2017-2018, Annex no. 2 at Order no. 3900/16.05.2017




Secretary - International Relations (Romanians Everywhere Admission)

Ms. Liliana BOTOFEI

Tel.: +4.0348.453.108


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