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The doctoral domain of industrial engineering was established at the University of Piteşti in the academic year 1997-1998. According to the address no. 11128/23.07.1997 of the Ministry of Education, UPIT was granted the right to organize a Doctoral School in the branch of science ”Technology”, specialization ”Machine Manufacturing Technology”. The doctoral domain of 2016-2017.

The mission of the doctoral domain of industrial engineering is to develop educational activities at the doctoral level (level 8 within the Europe Framework of Qualification EQF and the National Framework of Qualifications) and scientific research activities in the domain of industrial Engineering, recognized nationally and internationally, in accordance with the UPIT mission laid down in the UPIT Charter.



The following doctoral supervisors are affiliated to IOSUD-UPIT, in the field of doctoral studies Industrial Engineering:

Professor Ph.D. Eng. Habil. Eduard Laurențiu NIȚU (Responsible for the doctoral domain) - CV (Academic and scientific profile, contact details), Research topics

Professor Emeritus Ph.D. Eng. Ion UngureanuCV (Academic and scientific profile, contact details), Research topics

Professor Ph.D. Eng. Viorel BucurCV (Academic and scientific profile, contact details), Research topics

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. EngHabil. IORDACHE Monica– CV (Academic and scientific profile, contact details), Research topics



Professor Emeritus Ph.D. Eng. ABRUDEANU Mărioara (doctoral supervisor in material science) - Wednesday 16-17/ I 134

Professor Ph.D. Chem. Habil. PLĂIAŞU Gabriela (doctoral supervisor in material science) - Thursday 16-18/ CC 013

Professor Ph.D. Eng. NICOLAE Viorel (doctoral supervisor in automotive engineering) - Tuesday 17-18/ R 46

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Eng. IORDACHE Monica (scientific field of industrial engineering) - Friday 10 – 12/ A 016

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Eng. RIZEA Alin (scientific field of industrial engineering) - Friday 9-11/ I 109

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Phys. DUCU Marian Cătălin (scientific field of material science) - Thursday 18.30-20.30/ A 008

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Eng. BELU Nadia (scientific field engineering and management) - Monday 10-12/ I 123

Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Eng. GAVRILUŢĂ Ana scientific field engineering and management) - Tuesday 12-14/ I 107





The development of activities within the doctoral study programs is done in accordance with Regulations for professional activities – doctoral studies, Regulations for organizing and conducting doctoral studies (document in Romanian), and Methodology for undertaking examinations, research projects and reports – doctoral studies (document in Romanian), being briefly described in the curriculum. It includes a training program based on advanced university studies and the individual scientific research program:

- The training based on advanced university studies is carried out in the first semester of study through 4 compulsory disciplines (common to doctoral fields materials engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering) and two disciplines established by each doctoral supervisor depending on the competencies and research topics of the guided doctoral students. 

Schedule of the advanced university training program, the academic year 2021-2022, first semester (document in Romanian)

Syllabus (document in Romanian)

- The individual scientific research program is organized during the other semesters and includes at least three scientific research reports, established by each doctoral supervisor according to the research topics of the guided doctoral students.

The doctoral students benefit, during the entire duration of the doctoral training studies, from the guidance of mentors (the guidance commission), which are established since the enrollment of the doctoral student.

The doctoral studies end with the elaboration and public presentation of the doctoral thesis, which must be the result of the own research activity of the doctoral student and contain original results in the field of scientific knowledge. The elaboration and writing of the doctoral thesis is carried out according to the rules established at the level of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (Rules for elaborating and writing doctoral theses) (document in Romanian).



The research-development-innovation activities take place, in particular, in laboratories belonging to the Manufacturing and Industrial Management department within the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology and the Regional Research-Development Center for innovative materials, processes, and products for the automotive industry - CRC & D-Auto.

In order to carry out specific research activities, teachers and doctoral students benefit from access to the research infrastructure of some research institutes and to that of the universities involved in co-supervised theses (The Polytechnic University of Bucharest and ENSTA Bretagne - France).



For the development of doctoral scientific research activities, professional training, and for the dissemination of results, doctoral students benefit from several sources of funding, as follows:

- funds for participation in scientific conferences and the acquisition of materials and inventory items necessary to carry out research activities, allocated from doctoral grants obtained by the university through institutional contract (subsidized places) and tuition fees (fee places), amounting to a minimum of 10% per annum;

- funds for participation in scientific conferences, for Ph.D. students employed by UPIT, allocated on the basis of the "Operational procedure for reimbursing expenses for publication and participation in scientific events";

- funds for carrying out scientific research activities, which can be obtained by funding applications submitted to the Internal Competition for Scientific Research Projects (CIPCS), according to the "Operational procedure for the internal competition of scientific research projects ".

Performance scientific research activities are stimulated on the basis of the "Operational procedure for stimulating scientific research and academic creation of excellence" and the "Operational procedure for stimulating young researchers with results of excellence".



At the level of the Ph.D. field, Industrial Engineering is concluded, through the Center for International Relations and the ERASMUS Office (, 8 mobility agreements (document in Romanian) with foreign universities that carry out doctoral research activities in this domain. These agreements aim at the mobility of doctoral students, which can be achieved during doctoral studies, as well as teachers with activities in this field.

These agreements aim at the mobility of doctoral students, which can be achieved during doctoral studies, as well as teachers with activities in this field.

Address regarding the selection of ERASMUS + 2021-2022 students (document in Romanian)

Additional information on international mobility



Admission to doctoral studies is based on the Regulations for online admission at UPIT 2021_2022, the Methodology for organizing and conducting the doctoral admission contest, and the Regulations for organizing and conducting doctoral studies within the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (documents in Romanian).

The admission contest includes a specialized test, which consists in the oral presentation - in front of a commission - of one's own preoccupations with scientific research, of the studied bibliography, and of a direction in which the doctoral thesis would be completed. This presentation is followed by a clarifying discussion with the members of the commission for admission to doctoral studies.



The Admission Colloquium will take place on 13.09.2021, 4 pm

Candidate presentation form (document in Romanian)


Useful LINKS

IOSUD UPIT: Useful form

CCOC UPIT: Career Counseling and Guidance Center of the University of Pitesti

UPIT Library & Access to Scientific Resources

International scientific events in the field of industrial engineering, organized in Romania:

- ModTech: Modern Technologies in Industrial Engineering

- IManEE: Innovative Manufacturing Engineering & Energy International Conference

- ICAMat: International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

- COSME: International Conference on Computing and Solutions in Manufacturing Engineering

- TIMA: Innovative Technologies for Joining Advanced Materials


Romanian scientific journals, in the field of industrial engineering, indexed BDI:

- Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering (

- International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies (

- UPIT Scientific Bulletin - Automotive Series (


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